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Recent and forthcoming conferences organised and co-organised by us:

Conferences we participated:

  • XVI SILS (Societa Italiana Luce di Sincrotrone) National Meeting, 26-28 June 2008, Palermo, Italy

  • 7-th National Symposium of Synchrotron Radiation Users, 24-26 September 2007, Poznań, Poland

  • The International Symposium on Trends in Continuum Physics, TRECOP 2007, 16-20 September 2007, Lviv, Ukraine

  • Conference on Computational Physics, CCP2007, 05-08 September 2007, Brussels

  • I Kongres Mechaniki Polskiej, KMP2007, 28-31 August 2007, Warsaw, Poland

  • 13-th International Conference on Liquid and Amorphous Metals, LAM-13, 8-14 July 2007, Ekaterinburg, Russia

  • 18-th Physical Metallurgy and Material Science Conference Advanced Materials and Technologies AMT, 18-21 June 2007, Warsaw-Jachranka, Poland

  • International Conference on Clusters and Nanostructured Materials CNM 2006, 9-12 October 2006, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

  • 3-rd Workshop on Functional Materials FMA'06, 17-23 September 2006, Athens, Greece

  • 6-th European Conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation LUMDETR 2006, 19-23 June 2006, Lviv, Ukraine

  • International Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy and Optical Materials, 11-14 June 2006, Gdansk, Poland

  • 2-nd Workshop on Functional Materials FMA'05, 25-29 September 2005, Athens, Greece

  • The 12-th Workshop of PTSK, 15-18 September 2005, Sarbinowo Morskie, Poland

  • The 7-th Seminar on Porous Glasses - Special Glasses, 10-13 September 2005, Szklarska Poreba, Poland

  • 19th National Congress of Thermodynamicists, 5-8 September 2005, Gdansk-Sopot, Poland

  • 1-st Workshop on Functional Materials FMA'04, 23-26 September 2004, Athens, Greece

  • International Workshop: Simulations in Urban Engineering, 20-22 September 2004, Gdansk, Poland

  • The 11-th Workshop of PTSK, 1-4 September 2004, Bialystok, Poland

  • The 4-th Workshop on Modelling of Multiphase Flows in Technical Systems, 2004, Stawiska, Poland

  • Conference "Bridging the Scales", 2004, Genova, Italy

  • Conference on Computational Physics, CCP'2004, Genova, Italy

  • The 3-rd International Conference on Computational Modeling and Simulation of Materials, "From the Atomistic to the Engineering Scales", 2004, Acireale, Sicily, Italy

  • Workshop on "Auxetics and related systems", 2004, Bedlewo, Poland

  • The 7-th International School and Symposium on Synchrotron Radiation in Natural Science, ISSRNS-2004, Zakopane, Poland

  • The 37-th Congress of Polish Physicists, 2003, Gdansk, Poland

  • The 12-th International Conference on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS 12), 2003, Malmo, Sweden

  • The 6-th Seminar on Porous Glasses - Special Glasses, 2002, Szklarska Poreba, Poland

  • The 6-th International Conference on Intermolecular Interaction in Matter, 2001, Gdansk, Poland

  • Conference on Computational Physics, CCP'2001, Aachen, Germany

  • The 6-th Workshop of PTSK, 2001, Gdansk, Poland

  • The 19-th International Congress on Glass, ICG'2001, Edinburgh, Scotland

  • The 1-st National Symposium "MD Simulations in Poland ", 2000, Gdansk, Poland

  • The 6-th International Conference on Dielectric and Related Phenomena, DRP 2000, Spala, Poland

  • The 13-th Max Born Symposium, 1999, Wroclaw, Poland

  • The 6-th Workshop of PTSK, 1999, Bialystok, Bialowieza, Poland

  • National Meeting of MSI Products Users, 1998, Warsaw, Poland

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